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You must know the porcelain tile technical term Content Four--defect
- Jun 08, 2018 -

Defect name term

21. Dimple products have dimples on the front.  

Fusion hole a hole formed on the front of a product by fusion hole.  

23, nominees from polishing products should be polishing parts of the partial light.  

24. Polished polished surface of polished trace and polished mark products has been polished.  

25. Center curvature the center of the product face is convex or concave.

26. Edge curvature is convex or concave at the center of the front of the product.

27. Side curvature products are convex or concave.  

28. Wedging, the length of the parallel edge of the taper product front is not consistent.

29. Angle of Angle of Angle deviation product does not meet the requirements of design regulations.

30. Scratch polishing surfaces of scratch products have traces of scratches on the abrasive tool.

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