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You must know the porcelain tile technical term Content Three--defect
- Jun 07, 2018 -

Defect name term

11. Pinholes are small needle-like holes in the enamel surface.

12. Speck products have different color stains on the surface.

13, chip, knocking the product due to the impact which edge or corner is incomplete.  

14. Lamination billet body has lamination cracks or separation.   

15. Color difference, tint unevenness, the color difference on the front of the same or the same set of products is different. Put ceramic tile level on the floor, become a square meter side by side, whether to have color depth is different or cannot join up 3 meters from the distance.  

16. Powder crumbs are attached to the front of body refuse product.   

17. Ash contamination positive adhesion foreign matter.  

18. Speck, the block-shaped speck on the front of color spot products.  

19. Smoke staining and smoked glaze have rendered the product grey, brown or glazed part or even all of the glaze dull due to the influence of smoke.  

Blistering or closed blistering on the surface of body billets.  

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