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Wood grain tile application effect
- Dec 02, 2018 -

When shooting wood grain tile space, photographers should take close-up shots of the surface effects of some wood grain tiles, because the surface texture of wood grain tiles is also a close-knit information for consumers.

For example, the degree of fine texture of wood grain, the glaze effect of wood grain tile, the uneven texture of wood grain tile surface, and the detailed technical performance of wood grain tile. These close-range photos can be shot with a macro lens. In the composition, no formal evidence, a slight tilt angle, can reflect the agility of the space used, and more reflect the flexibility and artistry used in wood grain tiles.

Tile space shooting and tile shooting are also a test of photographer technology. There are many tiles with smooth surface, high degree of Guanze, easy to reflect into the object, the requirements for light are very high, it is very difficult to shoot, if you can shoot well, you can Entering this field and expanding your photography space is also a good choice.

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