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Wood grain brick advantage
- Nov 21, 2018 -

Wood grain bricks do not destroy the forest during the production process. They are more environmentally friendly and health-free than the wooden floor, and the texture is realistic. The visual feeling is not difficult to distinguish between the wooden floor and the wooden floor.

According to the Marbury Marketing Center, the development of Marbury wood brick products is mainly divided into two directions. One is to use the wood flooring international brand “Fillinger” (a brand selected in the Mercedes-Benz RV) to pass its precious wood color through ceramics. The process of reduction and development, the second is the development of wood grain natural stone. It restores the texture and uses the natural characteristics of the ceramic process that are not deformed or corroded beyond the wood floor.

Floor heating began in the north, and wood grain bricks are fireproof, heat resistant and non-deformable.

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