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What Mud To Use For Making Tiles
- Aug 22, 2018 -

Tiles are generally made of cement mortar or tile adhesive;

1. Advantages and Disadvantages of Cement Mortar: Cement mortar is based on cement, adding some additives, and then adding water to stir. Bonding tile tile bonding mortar requires some additives to ensure that the tile bond is firm and does not fall off. For example: waterproof cement mortar requires additives to form a layer of sanding to achieve the function of blocking water molecules; some additives are added to improve cement mortar. Performance, just improve construction fluidity.

2, tile adhesive advantages and disadvantages: tile adhesive bonding strength, water resistance, frost resistance, aging resistance, widely used in interior and exterior walls, floors, bathrooms, kitchen lamps. Tile adhesive can be divided into three types: ordinary tile adhesive (applicable to all kinds of floor tiles and wall tiles), and reinforced tile adhesive (with strong adhesion and resistance). Falling ability, wall tile and non-cement mortar for bonding requirements, such as wood), heavy brick tile adhesive (high adhesion, flexible wall, can resist the stress caused by thermal expansion and contraction of the bonding layer) It has plasterboard, fiberboard and a variety of stone plates of larger size.

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