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What is the wood look tile?
- May 23, 2018 -

Wood look tile is a kind of new environmental protection building material with wood grain decoration pattern on the surface. More and more consumers like wood grain bricks. What is the wood look tile?

WLT01 wood look tile matt tiles GMB615012 1560.jpg

  Wood grain floor tile refers to a ceramic tile with a decorative effect on the surface of a natural wood grain pattern, and is divided into two types, a glazed tile and a split brick. The former uses a screen printing process or paste ceramic paper to obtain a wood grain pattern on the surface of the product, while the latter uses two or more blanks of different colors after burning to spirally mix them with a vacuum screw extruder. After cutting through the exit, the texture of the wood resembles that of the lumber that is used to split the entire product. With the improvement of the process, the wood grain floor tile products are very mature. According to the surface glossiness, besides the traditional matt wood grain floor tiles, they can be divided into bright surface wood grain floor tiles (all polished glazed wood floor tiles) and soft light. Wood floor tiles.

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