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What is the significance of the unconventional size of imported bricks?Content2
- Sep 06, 2018 -

First, the visual beauty in the eyes of the designer

1800x265mm, 1000x315mm, 900x146mm, 225x900mm, etc. These unconventional sizes present a slender line of beauty. This reflects the designer's pursuit of the proportion of gold in the tile, the obsession with beauty in aesthetics. This visually stretched strip of unconventional size gives the designer space more possibilities. In addition, the designer will design this unconventional size, and it has a certain relationship with its function.

Second, in line with the golden ratio of building modulus, reduce cutting

The standard size unit selected by the building and its components (or assemblies) and as a value-added unit in the dimensional coordination, referred to as the building modulus unit. The basic unit of measure selected in the coordination of building modulus, the value is 100mm, the symbol is M, that is, 1M=100mm, which is used as the basic modulus in most countries in the world.

Third, the impact of foreign units in inches

Since foreign units are measured in inches or feet, and domestically measured in millimeters, there is a big difference in the representation. The unconventional size of imported bricks is also affected by the inch of foreign units.

Fourth, seeking differentiation and memory in competition

Seeking differentiation and memory points in the competition in the ceramic industry is the reason why most people in the industry recognize it. For this unconventional size, the consumer will have a refreshing feeling. In peacetime, the common size is compared with the size of ten units, giving a memory point to remember this unique size specification. In addition, in competition, even if the opponent wants to imitate its size, it is necessary to purchase a mold of the same size to produce such a specification, which will increase its production cost.

Picture tile:150*60mm

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