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What is the original side wood brick
- Nov 29, 2018 -

What is the original side wood brick

The original side grain bricks are relative to some wood grain bricks that require late cutting. Because in the building materials market, in addition to the original wood grain bricks, there are some large-sized wood grain bricks. These large-size wood grain bricks often require professional processing and cutting when they are used for paving, and the cutting process requires professional processing. Equipment and labor, time-consuming consumables, and invisible construction costs and renovation progress. If it is a professional decoration worker, the effect will not be greatly affected. If you go to a less professional plaster shop, you may have wasted your tiles, because this large-size wood grain tile generally has a high hardness. It is difficult to cut, and it is easy to cause glaze on the edge of the cutting. This is not a problem of the tile itself, but an unprofessional post-processing.

It does not need post-cutting. It can be directly laid after unpacking, eliminating the difficulty of processing, reducing the cost of decoration in the middle of the consumer, and also speeding up the construction progress. It is a rare decoration material.

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