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What are the materials, blank and glaze characteristics of antique bricks?
- Jul 01, 2018 -

Archaize brick belongs to the glazed brick, its development trend is given priority to with ceramic body (bibulous rate is 0.5% or less), there is also a standard of porcelain (bibulous rate is 0.5 ~ 3%), fine standard (bibulous rate is 3 ~ 6%), the standard quality (bibulous rate is 6 ~ 10%), respectively (GB/T4100-1999 standard of brick of pottery and porcelain, 4100 1, porcelain brick; 4100·2 stoneware tiles; 4100·3 fine stoneware bricks and 4100·4 stoneware bricks. Ordinary archaize bricks are mainly light-colored, while full-cast glazed bricks are printed on light-colored glaze (or on the bottom glaze with a layer of light-colored glaze). The last layer of transparent glaze or transparent dry granule is burnt and then polished. Glazing bricks all involve a sensitive problem that is, the suitability of blank and glaze. In order to prevent and eliminate the later crack, the water absorption rate of the billet body must be reduced, which results in a larger proportion of porcelain bricks and a trend of completely replacing other materials.

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