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What are the decorative surfaces of the tiles?
- Aug 07, 2018 -

Different printing technologies have different surface effects.

(1) Screen printing:

The screen printing is to transfer the pre-made printing glaze to the glaze through the capillary mesh of the screen, and the pattern on the printing screen determines the pattern of the tile.

(2) Rubber roller printing:

The rubber roller printing is to engrave the pre-designed pattern by laser drilling on a circular rubber roller. The large rubber roller rolls the glaze blank passing through the sheet by precise rotation and rotation speed. As far as the surface of the glaze is transferred, the position of the product is slightly different each time the brick passes under the rubber roller, so the product pattern printed by the rubber roller is slightly different, so that the product produced is more natural. The effect is.

(3) Inkjet printing:

Inkjet printing technology uses a high-performance inkjet printer to print a preset pattern on a glazed surface. Because the inkjet technology is embossed, the pattern can be three-dimensional and concave, which makes the tile feel real and the pattern is vivid.

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