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Wall brick construction technology second
- Oct 30, 2018 -

The main construction machinery.

Wall brick cutting machine, brick cutting knife, nutcracker, hand chisel, level ruler, ink fountain, ash picker, ruler board, wooden hammer, nylon thread, thin steel plate, iron plate, aperture 5MM sieve, trolley, bucket, shovel, Brooms and other related tools.

Construction Conditions

A. Before construction, according to the design requirements, release large samples and prepare bricks according to the actual size of the site. it

B. Prepare all materials in advance, including the quantity and quality of the entrance glazed tiles; if required, the tiles must be selected to meet specifications, color and quality requirements.

Bricks are kept well. It

C. Reserved holes and drainage pipes, door and window frames to be fixed, aluminum alloy door and window edge cracks used in the seam material should meet the requirements, do a good job of finished product protection.

D, wall should be cleaned, and the sealing work of the construction hole should be well done.

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