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To achieve tile polishing, it can be polished by polishing machine.
- Aug 10, 2018 -

After finishing the edging ruler, the tile enters the rough throwing machine on the conveying line, smoothes the brick surface, and then throws it into the middle, throwing it from coarse to medium, and throwing the thickness of the brick blank 0.1-0.2mm, throwing it out from the machine The bricks are a bit smoother like matte tiles. The role of the fine polishing machine is more like a glazing machine. The brick blank is passed through a fine polishing machine with a smooth surface like a mirror, and the gloss can reach about 60°. The working principle of polishing is to achieve the purpose of grinding and polishing ceramic tiles by rotating the heads of different meshes. The number of general grinding heads starts from 24 mesh to 1500 mesh or even higher.

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