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Tiling method :(10 steps) Content Two
- Jun 23, 2018 -

Step 4: "choose bricks". Want to see the variety of the brick that plan shop, choose to come out to classify put good. For example, the wood grain brick of shop floor, the wood grain brick of go up wall, the wood grain brick of ground line should distinguish come, lest spread rise to mix.

Step 5: "dip brick". Wood grain brick and polished brick, archaize brick want to soak water same, want to use tap water or clear water, cannot use muddy water or dirty water, cannot use oily sewage even more; The soaking time is not too long, that is to say, soaking wet. (porcelain pieces must be soaked through before they can be spread.)

Step 6: mix the slurry. The water and sediment should be mixed in a ratio of 1:2, and the cement with mark 325 should be adopted. The cement with too high mark will exert internal tension on the wood-grain brick, and the serious will crack the wood-grain brick.

Step 7: apply the paste. Remove soak good wood grain brick, dry wood grain brick stain, will apply evenly on the back of wood grain brick, cement mortar thickness in 2-3 cm, then will spread to the surface water and sediment surface wood grain brick, brick face gently with wooden hammer knock wood grain brick, until smooth level off, on line and tidy.

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