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Tiling method :(10 steps) Content Three
- Jun 24, 2018 -

Step 8: "spread the paste". Lay stick to want to notice grain order of wood grain brick, notice to mark arrowhead at the bottom of wood grain brick, wooden hammer beats to avoid empty knock, force wants balance, exert oneself to avoid too big or too small. It is best to use the plastic cross for laying bricks, so as to better position the wood-grain bricks. Wooden hammer hits wood grain brick seam back overflow water mud with sponge or cloth wipe flat can. The crack of high-grade wood grain brick is less than 1 millimeter commonly, do not need special fill seam.

Step 9: "fix". The wood-grain bricks are laid well and the cement is not fully dry enough. The wood-grain bricks can be observed with the naked eye or measured with a horizontal ruler. Check the flatness of tile shop, the straightness of brick joint, etc. Find the problem, immediately repair, serious pry open wood - grain brick paving.

Step 10: fill in the seam. If want to fill seam, wait for the cement to dry with iron hook after sewing, match again with the filler of tie-in color fill seam.

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