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Tiling method :(10 steps) Content One
- Jun 22, 2018 -

Step 1: "determine the solution." Commonly used wood grain brick way of the shop is stuck, in addition to the traditional ceramic tiles as well shaped, horizontal flat vertical brick, wood grain brick and chevron, i-section, oblique ling line brick method. There are many different ways to put it. Every dog has his day. So be sure to work with the designer to determine the solution.

Step 2: make the change. The so - called leveling, immediately before the paving of wood - grain bricks, the paving of the building or wall surface to deal with. Such as ground, inner wall, exterior wall, etc. Remove surface attachments and pave with a mixture of semi-wet water and sediment.

Step 3: flick the string. Stretch line is to point to use a long thin line, besmear on the white gray cargo ink, determine the central axis of the brick, and then lay by the line.

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