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Tile progress of ball mill
- Jul 19, 2018 -

The ball mill is a large-scale crushing and grinding equipment with a meteorite ball lining in the outer iron. Generally, it can be added once in a ball mill: 40 tons of mud material, 40 tons of ball stone and 50 tons of water. When the ball mill is working, the mud is ground by the ball stone by turning. The ball miller also needs to add various additives to the ball mill according to the formula list. The ball mill process needs to continuously detect the fineness of the mud by the laser particle size analyzer. After the standard is reached, the original "raw material + water" becomes A slurry containing about 30% water.

The use of a large-tonnage ball mill for long-term ball milling of wear-resistant alumina ballast ensures that the coarse particles in the raw material become finer and more uniform.

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