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Tile drying and inspection grading
- Aug 12, 2018 -

In the process of polishing, super clean and anti-fouling, a large amount of water is used to wash the tiles. Therefore, after the process is completed, the brick body has a lot of moisture attached, and the tile needs to be dried before the next processing step can be performed.

tile flooring tile wall tile

The tile after drying is inspected and classified. The quality inspectors first test the product deformation degree and the straightness of the product, and then classify the tiles according to different color numbers, and classify according to the surface quality.

Brand manufacturers adopt enterprise standards that are much stricter than national standards. Quality inspectors have received professional training. The product classification process is very strict and cautious. Each piece of brick is subjected to strict quality inspection to ensure the flatness and dimensional deviation of the product. Indicators such as color difference are in line with the internal control indicators of the national standard to ensure high quality of the products.


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