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The use of tile adhesives can easily lead to cracking, what is the reason? And how to solve it?
- Aug 15, 2018 -

Tile adhesives are modified polymer mortars that have good workability and hardenability, but also have differences in performance between products. There are many kinds of products used in bonding glazed tiles. If the glazed tiles are cracked after pasting, you can generally check whether the base layer is cracked, whether the bonding layer is too thick, whether the adhesive or the tiles are detached.

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In addition, glazed tiles are relatively more prone to problems if the materials are not properly selected or improperly constructed. After the glazed tile is bonded, there are irregular small cracks. It is possible to use rigid tile adhesive. After drying, the shrinkage is large, and the glaze is broken to cause cracks. It is recommended to use flexible tile adhesive; if it is not left during construction. Seams, tiles are subject to thermal expansion and contraction, and are prone to long cracks. Therefore, in addition to choosing the right tile adhesive, you should also leave a seam and choose a suitable caulk.

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