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The Reason Why The Tile Was Damaged
- Sep 04, 2018 -

There are many reasons for the damage of the tiles. Let's take a closer look. First of all, from the tiling, many tiles are soaked when tiling. For this problem, the tiles are soaked in order to prevent the absorption of water cement mortar. Moisture, so as not to cause empty drums, shedding, or even cracks, especially for the paving of the wall, before the wall is paved, it is necessary to sprinkle the wall surface, which is also the reason. Tiles have more or less pores. The water is soaked before the paving to make the pores fully absorb water. The porcelain bricks have a much higher density and a much smaller porosity, which makes the water absorption rate very low.

If the wall surface is not cleaned, the surface treatment is not clean, the watering wetness is not enough, the floating dust on the back of the tile is not removed, and the water traces before the paving will cause the tile to be not tightly bonded to the wall. After a period of use, it will loosen. The situation of falling.

If the tile is not completely adhered to the cement, it is subjected to a large impact force, such as a stepping or a hard object, which easily causes the separation of the tile and the cement, and the bottom of the brick appears to be empty.

If the cement mortar of the cushion is too thick or too much water is added during the construction process, the tile will be dropped. In addition, if it is a large-sized tile, if the seam is too small, the thermal expansion and contraction will squeeze each other. After that, it is easy to cause lifting and cracking.

There is also the age of use. With the increase of the number of years of use, the home tile is easy to empty and fall due to the old, especially the kitchen and bathroom wall tiles, reducing the service life of the tile in a humid environment. If the problem is too large, it can only be removed and reinstalled.

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