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The quality of broken bricks is simple and easy to distinguish
- Oct 26, 2018 -

Amount: Polished brick side length deviation (<1 mm) is suitable for foot deviations of 500 x 500 products (<1.5 mm), 600 x 600 products (<2 mm), 800 x 800 products (<2.2 mm) If it exceeds this standard, it will have a greater impact on your decorative effect. The best way to measure the diagonal size is to straighten it along the diagonal with very thin lines to see if there is any deviation. it

Test: First, test the laying, randomly extract some products in the same model and the same color range, in the interview shop of different packaging boxes, stand at 3 meters to observe carefully, check whether the product color difference is obvious, between brick and brick The gap is straight and the chamfer is uniform. Second, test the foot to see if it is slippery, and check if the brick is tested. No water, no water, because more water will be more crappy.

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