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The overall advantage of wood -wood look tile has a comprehensive strategy Content Two
- Jun 28, 2018 -

Copy wood grain glaze brick not only surface decorative pattern and wooden floor are similar, connect integral dimension also almost close, this and common square copy mu wen floor tile have very big distinction, because this gives a person feeling more real. And the thickness of 10mm to the glaze brick with small area, can bring good bearing capacity. (more choice of wood-grain bricks)

The glazed tile with imitation wood grain not only has the characteristics of wear-resisting and easy cleaning, but also has the good anti-sliding effect brought by clear and vivid wood grain. This floor tile for favours the look and feel of real wood floor but due to the limitation household environment, people have to choose ceramic tile used, relatively common aggrandizement wood floor more expensive, but don't care, to use with comfort.

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