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The overall advantage of wood -wood look tile has a comprehensive strategy Content One
- Jun 27, 2018 -

Imitation wood grain glazed pottery is a natural wood texture design adornment effect ceramic glazed tile, both the glaze wear-resisting do not fade for a long time, the characteristics of easy not seep besmirch clear with real wood floor is showily and do not break elegant temperament again. Dark brown wood grain looks more introverted, expressing a natural beauty.

The wood grain of floor tile surface is clear and lifelike, not only natural stereo, no matter touch or barefoot walk, tactility is real, fine and dense wood grain can bring good anti-skid effect. Surface USES high-definition digital printing technology, through the utilization rate of up to 98% of the ink, directly reduce the traditional printing in mining and burn in glaze raw materials such as waste, greatly reduces the ceramic tile damage to the production environment.

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