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The knowledge of wood - grain brick is revealed-Price comparison
- Jun 25, 2018 -

Imitation wood grain on not only can easily collocation in main space of the sitting room, bedroom, hallway, even the balcony, kitchen, even between wei yu is not suitable for the shop installs wooden floor space, this kind of imitation wood grain brick can be used to replace and collocation. So, what distinction does wood grain brick and wood floor have after all? Choose wood grain brick or wood floor is good?

1. Price comparison

At present the price of real wood floor on market wants 4 500 yuan of every square commonly, compound floor is opposite low price, but the product that price is too low contains a lot of formaldehyde commonly, unfavorable consumer health USES. The service life of wood grain brick is long, after shop sticks, can use more than ten 20 years, but the use of wood floor in later period careful management may also use only 10 years eight years, and maintain cost tall.

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