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The knowledge of wood Contrast of decorative pattern and Maintenance comparison
- Jun 26, 2018 -

2. Contrast of decorative pattern

Wood floor has natural wood grain: the decorative pattern modelling of real wood floor is less, natural grain also makes its look have color difference.

Sculpts of the wood grain brick wood: imitation wood grain brick can realize the characteristics of various patterns, shape and color, or more can for consumers to choose variety types, and as a result, whether want to choose in what type of style in the home to match the ground, to be able to choose the suitable samples in imitation wood grain brick. And on the kinds, imitation wood grain brick also points with the porcelain glaze, glaze glaze grinding, and polishing, glaze polishing, flat, concave and convex surface, and so on, all different process makes the weight of the the effect is also different, therefore, consumers in the choice of style and quality, also more abundant.

3. Maintenance comparison

Wooden floor maintains trouble: because household wooden floor can build indoor natural atmosphere and comfortable characteristic very well, become household now common decorate building materials. Although wooden floor suits to use collocation to enter common household indoor most, but its durable characteristic is weaker, life is shorter characteristic, also let a lot of people for this trouble unceasingly.

Wood grain brick is easy to do: and copy wood grain brick, basically take ceramic tile as advocate the raw material material material material qualitative, try special craft, make the wood floor with vivid and vivid sense and grain ceramic tile. In contrast, imitation wood grain brick without wood natural texture, as well as the soft and comfortable foot feeling, but its abrasion resistance, water resistance, environmental protection and easy to do special quality, was welcomed by many customers.

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