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Teach You The Most Effective Ways To Fix Tile Scratches
- Aug 21, 2018 -

How can I remove the scratches on the tiles?

Teach you the most effective ways to fix tile scratches:

First: toothpaste

For minor scratches that do not damage the surface structure of the tile, apply the toothpaste evenly around the scratches, wipe it repeatedly with a dry cloth, apply some wax oil, and wipe it clean with a clean cloth;

Second: paint or nail polish

For slightly obvious scratches, you can paint a little bit of the same color as the tile, or gently wipe it with nail polish. Remember to clean the tile surface before wiping, so that you can achieve a bright and new effect.

Third: waxing

The waxing method can also play a role in reducing the scratches on the tiles.

At present, there are also professional scratch cleaning and repairing agents on the market, which are specially designed for ceramic tiles. Use a small brush to rub a little repair agent at the scratch gap, and then repeat the coating twice after drying for half an hour until there is reflection from the side, so that the scratch will disappear.

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