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Some Simple Judging Methods For Ceramic Tile Acceptance
- Sep 20, 2018 -

First, identify the appearance quality of the products, and put the tiles in the better light to identify the appearance quality.
(1) Dimensional deviation correction, randomly drawn two pieces of the same brick overlap together to see whether the size is consistent; dimensional error greater than 0.5 mm can not be used for construction. (2) Deformation calibration, the two pieces of brick overlap to see whether there is a gap in the middle, flatness greater than 0.1 mm products, decoration effect is poor, can not be used in engineering. .
(3) Color difference size: Random from a number of packaging brick flat on the plane, two meters away from the visual test whether the tone is consistent. It
(4) Surface quality: observe whether the brick surface is fine and uniform, with or without speckles, holes and other visible defects, and then use a few drops of colored liquid droplets on the local surface evenly, a few seconds later with wet
The cloth is dried to see whether there are any color spots on the surface. It
Two. Judgement of internal quality
(1) Knock: Knock gently with a thin stick (or with fingers) hanging ceramic tiles, the voice is clear and clear that the density is high, no sandwich. It
(2) water absorption rate: choose wall and floor tiles, pay attention to its water absorption, high quality wall and floor tiles, low water absorption. The wall and floor tiles with high water absorption will crack on the surface of the tiles and peel off the whole wall and floor tiles after cold shrinkage and thermal expansion. If the wall and floor tiles do not specify the water absorption rate, then the tea or water drops on the back side of the wall tiles can be counted.
After a minute, the degree of diffusion of water droplets was observed, the less water absorption, that is, low water absorption and good quality.

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