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Slurry preparation
- Jul 21, 2018 -

Slurry into the pool (except iron)

The qualified slurry is tested and placed in the slurry tank for backup. The iron removal device is installed at the inlet of the slurry tank to remove iron from the slurry.

Slurry screening, iron removal

(1) The slurry enters the sieving system, and the coarse particles that do not meet the requirements are separated and returned to the ball mill until they are qualified;

(2) After the iron is removed by the slurry, the impurities such as iron and titanium which are harmful to the product quality are basically removed.

The high magnetic magnetic rod is used to adsorb iron filings, and the iron content is less than 0.1%, ensuring that the green body after firing has no black impurities and the brick body is pure.

Slurry reserve (homogeneous stale)

The slurry after sieving and removing iron enters the pool and is homogenized.

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