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Sichuan production area
- Oct 02, 2018 -

Sichuan Jiajiang production area has produced a considerable amount of production with the unique manufacturing method of red body. It is known as the “Western Porcelain Capital”.

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The advantage of the Sichuan producing area is that the energy, raw materials and labor are low. Although the development time of the producing area is not long, it has formed a certain scale. However, the development momentum of the Sichuan producing areas has slowed down. There are three main reasons for this: First, the radiation area of the producing areas is relatively narrow, covering almost only the Yunnan, Guizhou, Sichuan, Chongqing and parts of the northwest. Although the price of Sichuan ceramics is low, the overall consumption level in the southwestern region is also low, and it is impossible to develop too fast. 

Second, transportation in the Southwest is relatively difficult. For example, from Guangdong to a press to Inner Mongolia, the freight rate is lower than in Sichuan. Third, the scale of ceramic enterprises in Sichuan is still relatively small, and it still does not have a scale effect, and the relative cost is relatively high. In addition, the price of gas and electricity has risen rapidly, and the supply and supply of gas are insufficient. 

They have weakened their competitive advantage. However, due to the investment involvement of Guangdong ceramics companies, the image of “Jiajiang Tao” has greatly improved and the future prospects are bright.

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