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Several tile layout methods of different specifications
- Aug 26, 2018 -

First, polished tiles / modern minimalist style tiles

Suitable for paving: horizontal or vertical.

  Paving points: The paving is done in parallel with the wall edges, and the seams of the tiles are aligned without leaving seams. At the same time, the jointing treatment is carried out with a jointing agent close to the color of the brick. It looks fresh, clean and beautiful

Recommendation: Rectangular tiles are placed horizontally or vertically to make the entire space look spacious.

Second, European style / country style

Suitable for paving methods: combination paving. Tiles of different sizes, styles and colors are laid out in a certain combination.

  Paving points: Use a marble or tile that is slightly darker than the tile of the main tile, and around the ground with a circumference of about 15cm to create a space atmosphere.

  Suggestion: The matching products of the combined paving are also wave-punching, ground-stitching and so on. The wave line generally uses dark tiles, and the antique bricks also have a special matching wave line, which is mainly used in the vicinity of the ground or the aisle and other places. Ground flower lines, horn flowers, etc. are floor decoration paintings made of ceramic tiles, mainly used in the foyer, coffee table or dining table.

Third, imitation wood tiles or a few types of tiles

 Suitable for paving method: I-shaped paving method is modeled on the paving method of wooden floor.  

 Paving points: the patchwork of the I-shape  

 Recommendation: I-shaped is suitable for use in aisles, kitchens or bathrooms

 Fourth, antique brick / Chinese style / small area paving

Suitable for paving: diamond-shaped diagonal paving, which means inclined paving at a 45-degree angle

 Paving points: tiling the wall at a 45-degree angle 

 Suggestion: Diamond-shaped diagonal paving can be used for antique brick, Chinese style, and can also be used for European style and modern style. 

Five, personalized modern minimalist style / small area paving  

Suitable for paving way: "human" glyph. . In addition, it can be laid out in a completely irregular shape with mosaics, pebbles, etc. 

Recommendation: Herringbone paving, usually used for small areas such as balconies or aisles.


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