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Selection And Identification Of Sand In Cement
- Sep 22, 2018 -
As long as the tiles are pasted, cement will be used, but in addition to the way the construction package, very few people have thought about cement to buy the best, this is absolutely a misunderstanding. The quality of cement is directly related to the quality of cement.
Tile sticking strength, if you do not want to stay 2-3 months later, the tile on the drum, fall off, it is recommended to buy high-quality supermarket brand cement. It
Production Date: The cement must be produced within 30 days, otherwise the cement bonding capacity will decline. Decoration
Place of purchase: cement is best purchased in building materials supermarket, and is optimistic about production date. It
How to use it: when using good cement and tile, there is no need to add 108 glue at all. It
Decoration Forum
Cement grade: the family uses cement No. 325. It
Cement group purchase: cement can be more than 3 tons, can organize group purchase, manufacturers are responsible for delivery. 3 tons are basically 2-3 of the amount of decoration, so it is not complicated to organize. Group purchase price

The price is about 14.3 yuan a bag, 50 kg per bag.

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