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Raw materials entering the factory
- Jul 15, 2018 -

Tile production has strict requirements on the chemical composition and mineral composition of raw materials. Therefore, a series of rigorous analysis and inspection should be carried out before a large number of raw materials enter the yard of the plant.

The first step is to analyze the seven major components of the raw materials, plasticity indicators, whiteness indicators, etc. with advanced chemical analysis instruments;

In the second step, the slurry is sprayed with a professional rapid grinding to detect its fluidity and thixotropy;

In the third step, the ball mill fineness is detected by a laser particle size analyzer;

The fourth step is to press the production process into a sample cake by a hydraulic press;

In the fifth step, it is placed in an electric furnace and fired, and the degree of sintering, shrinkage index, and the like are measured to determine the number of oxides, such as black spots, foaming, cracking, and black heart, which affect the appearance of the finished ceramic tile.

Raw materials that have passed the test can enter the factory. However, these raw materials directly extracted by nature are unstable due to factors such as weather, formation time and hierarchical structure, so they must be homogenized.

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