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Paving precautions
- Sep 13, 2018 -

Paving precautions

1. Before paving, please check whether the product model, grade, size and color number shown in the package are uniform. If there is any objection to the quality of the product, please contact the factory or the dealer. It is not clear after the paving. 

2. Before paving, the object to be pasted or the ground should be treated first. The foundation layer of the dry-laid method can reach a certain hardness to lay the tile. When the paving is applied, the joint is adjusted between 2-3MM.

3. Before paving, the tiles often need to be soaked in the clean water for 20-30 minutes. After the water is filtered out, the paving can be carried out. Otherwise, the moisture evaporation tile will be easily lifted after the paving. Moreover, before use, check whether the color number and size indicated on the outer packaging are the models ordered by yourself, and whether the bricks of the uniform color number have defects such as color difference and disconnection. Only use a uniform color number to make the color uniform.

4, it is recommended to use 325 cement, dry-laid method participation ratio

Base layer: (cement: fine sand = 1:3), pasting layer: (cement: fine sand = 1:2);

5, the pattern of mosaic features are obvious, please look for its mosaic features, keep the uniform direction paving, pattern features are not obvious or no pattern, please combine the construction effect requirements;

6. After the paving is completed, the cement stains remaining on the brick surface should be wiped off in time. The paved ground needs to be maintained for 4-5 days to prevent local unevenness caused by external forces.

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