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Matte brick
- Oct 27, 2018 -

Matte tiles are relative to polished, ie non-bright surfaces. It can avoid light pollution and is more convenient to maintain.

Polishing is too bright, just like the eyes; matte is easy to dirty, not easy to handle, polished bright bricks, matte bricks use different glazes, generally matte bricks have a higher firing temperature than bright bricks, matte glazes are relatively bright bricks It is easy to absorb dirt, but it does not penetrate into the glaze, and ordinary detergent can be removed. Similar to matt tiles such as wood look tile bathroom, his dirt resistance is very good.

It has a better eye for the eyes under strong light, and the visual effect is very good. Therefore, some people think that matte tiles are better than polished tiles and taste better. The tiles do not absorb water, that is, the water absorption rate is low, and the selection method of the matte bricks is relatively simple, the weight is equivalent to the bricks, the bricks have the same size, and the weight is brighter than the light. Good bricks also feel better, the surface of the brick is fine, smooth, the bricks are poor, the surface is rough, and it can be completely felt.

Light surface tile wood look tile bathroom.jpg

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