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Market Analysis of Small Antique Tile Market
- Apr 09, 2018 -

Market trends at this stage?

Home decoration trends: With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people are increasingly demanding the decorative effect of living.

Industry trends: Small-size antique tiles are European classics and mainstream products. In China, they are supplemented with polished tiles, tiles and large antique tiles. From the perspective of distributors, they are very willing to look for new products with higher profitability.

SWOT analysis of small size antique tiles?

S-advantages: 1. It is the consumption trend of modern decoration; 2. The product is the initial stage of the domestic market; 3. Relative to other building ceramic products, whether it is a manufacturer or a distributor, the input cost is relatively small.

W—Disadvantages: 1. Specialized market segments, narrow product engineering channels, and small sales volume; 2. Low brand awareness; 3. The market is still in the start-up phase, and the amount of consumers that can be accepted is small.

O—Opportunity: With large-sized antique bricks, small-sized antique tiles are gradually becoming a trend of decoration.

T—Threats: 1. Due to low investment in the production of small-sized antique tiles, low threshold, easy to follow the trend; 2. High requirements for professionalism in marketing; 3. High requirements for research and development and design; 4. Cost price, Fujian Shandong's Jiantao production base has advantages.

Market Analysis of Small Antique Tile Market

The basic status of production of small antique brick enterprises?

Capacity: an annual output of 1.5-2.5 million square meters of small antique tiles.

Quality: The use of domestic advanced non-position roller printing machine, using domestic homemade glazed technology, blank whiteness, flatness are in accordance with national standards, the product does not edging.

R & D: Development of bricks, handmade bricks, a variety of specifications, a variety of design styles, according to changing combinations continue to meet the needs of the domestic noble home environment.

Design: Through the display of product design, various decorative elements, specifications and colors, express a complete set of space, mainly three European styles of neo-classicalism, pastoralism and naturalism.

Small antique brick brand strategic positioning?

Brand positioning: high-end image, high-end price.

Product style: The main style is neoclassicism, pastoralism and naturalism.

Market Positioning: In the small-size antique brick segment market, the retail price of the domestic high-end market is the brand's position in the market.

Urban orientation: Capital cities with deep cultural heritage are preferred.

Channel positioning: The designer channel is the mainstream, taking into account the three-dimensional channel model of engineering, distribution, online shopping, and retail.

Dealer positioning: There is a designer channel basis, there are ideas to operate antique bricks, identity of small antique brick profit model and brand culture.

Consumer target group positioning: There are consumers above the middle class with the pursuit of decorative culture.

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