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Laying Method For Tile Inside And Outside Wall
- Oct 06, 2018 -

                                   1. Preparation of construction tools.
In addition to the commonly used plastering tools, wall tiles also need to prepare the following equipment: knife, wood hammer hardwood clapper board, shovel, alloy mash, hammer, grinding stone, alloy steel drill, etc.
Cutting machine, electric drill, impact drill and so on. Such
Two, construction preparation 1. Grass-roots treatment
The base surface of the inlaid decorative surface should have enough stability and stiffness. The residual mortar, dust and oil stains on the base surface should be cleaned by wire brush. The surface of the matrix should be dried in advance or repaired with 1:3 cement mortar. In order to make the matrix bond firmly with the leveling layer, cement mortar (cement: fine sand = 1:1 mixed into slurry) or polymer water can be sprayed.

Mud (107 glue: water = 1:4 glue to mix cement) to deal with.

2. Smear layer

3. Soaking in water
Before cleaning, clean it first and then immerse it in clear water. For about 2 hours, the glazed tiles should be soaked until no bubbles are bubbled up, and then dry out. It
4. Pre discharge
Prior to pasting should be pre-arranged, pre-arranged to pay attention to the same wall horizontal and vertical arrangement, not more than one row of non-whole bricks. Rows of bricks should be placed in the most unexpected parts or corners.

The method is to adjust the bricks with the width of the seam. If the interior tiles are not specified in design, the width of the joints can be adjusted between 1 and 1.5mm. In pipelines, lamps and equipment

The bearing parts shall be cut and anastomosed by whole brick sets, and shall not be patched with non-whole bricks to ensure the beauty of the decoration.

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