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Is The Tile First Tiled Or Tiled First
- Aug 19, 2018 -

This is generally to first wall tiles, and then floor tiles, because this place to drain, the ground has a slope, so the intersection of the tile and the wall is not a horizontal line, if you follow this line on the wall to stick wall tiles, the wall tiles are not vertical straight. If you do not follow this line, the wall tiles are vertical, but the boundary with the floor tiles will be cut into a small angle, otherwise there will be a large gap, which is too small to be processed. Therefore, generally the first wall brick, the bottom of the wall brick is placed on the original ground, and the floor tile is placed above the wall brick, there is no problem of the angle processing. This will save a lot of trouble.

Because the cement on the wall tiles, such as the first floor tiles, will fall on the floor tiles and will not be taken care of, which will also cause damage and pollution of the tiles.

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