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In addition to the price of polished tiles and polished glazed tiles, is it better to use polished tiles or polished glazed tiles in the living room or bedroom?
- Aug 30, 2018 -


This is to analyze the physical properties of the product. First of all, the polished brick is of sufficient hardness, so even if it is gradually replaced by other categories in the market, it still has a similar amount to the engineering brick (of course, as another important reason for the engineering brick is still due to its price comparison Low), and because of the special glaze on the polished glaze, the hardness is equivalent to that of polished tiles. Therefore, there are generally hard objects rubbing on the brick surface. For example, if the high heels are often stepped on the brick surface, Make the brick surface scratched, so if it is a public place or a living room with more movements, it will choose polished tiles. However, if it is anti-fouling, the polished tiles are left behind because of the concave and convex grooves, so the stains are not easy to clean, and the glazed layer of the polished glazed tiles has a large anti-fouling effect, so the bedroom is clean and glazed. The brick effect will be better.


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