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In addition to the price of polished tiles and polished tiles, how do they care?
- Aug 29, 2018 -

Generally, the measure for tile maintenance is waxing technology, which is mainly due to the anti-fouling effect of the tile, and waxing the tile can not only decontaminate, but also increase the aesthetics of the tile because of the light on the tile. Moisture-proof, insect-proof and anti-cracking, reducing the wear and corrosion of the tiles by the outside, and prolonging the life of the tiles. Generally, the waxes used in the tiles are water wax, solid wax and liquid wax. Of course, this kind of waxing maintenance method is only for polished tiles, and because the glazed tiles have a glazed surface, they have no pores and are also stained by the glaze layer of the brick surface. In addition, it will also be counter-productive due to the waxing technique, because the glaze of the tile will cause unnecessary wear and tear on the glazed surface of the tile before the waxing technique. In the long run, the stain will be organic in the waxing. The solvent penetrates into the brick to form a dirt that is difficult to remove, which results in a bad effect.

Because of the wear resistance of the polished tiles, it is suitable to use polished tiles in the areas such as balcony, living room and exterior wall. However, if the price of polished tiles and polished tiles is thrown away, from the perspective of the overall home environment, it is possible to use glazed tiles. Because today's polished glazed tiles are constantly improving their wear resistance, and the color of the products is richer, it can improve the grade of space for modern home decoration.

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