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How Should Ceramic Companies Handle Ceramic Waste
- Sep 07, 2018 -

For a long time, the waste generated in ceramic production not only caused headaches for enterprises to deal with, but also caused the government to suffer from the damage caused to the environment. In the early treatment of ceramic waste, ceramic waste was regarded as a “burden” by the enterprise because it had no relevant recycling technology. It was solved by simple landfill method like “garbage”, or used to fill trenches and roadbeds. Even more directly on the roadside, farmland, canals and other places. Because ceramic waste cannot be degraded, the waste contains chemicals, which seriously pollutes the water, air and soil environment on which people depend.

In recent years, many ceramic enterprises have strengthened research projects such as recycling non-renewable resources, and have produced gratifying results from the source of pollutants. Various waste bricks have been crushed and used as raw materials, and sludge sludge of various ceramic tiles has also been applied to the blank formulation.

In addition to the use of ceramic waste as a building ceramic raw material, through the research and development of enterprises and experts, ceramic waste can also be used in the production of daily-use ceramics and sanitary ceramics, the production of industrial ceramics, the production of ceramsite and sound-absorbing materials, the production of cementitious materials and Its products are used to recycle heavy metals and produce cement and other products.

At present, the technology of recycling ceramic waste is very mature, and many enterprises have successfully used ceramic waste to develop green and new building materials, which proves that the recycling of ceramic waste is feasible. It should be continued and the largest resource utilization should be realized. Turn.

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