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History of ceramic tiles
- Sep 10, 2018 -

The history of tiles dates back to BC, when Egyptians began to decorate various types of houses with tiles. The clay bricks are dried in the sun or dried by baking and then colored with blue glaze extracted from copper.

Tiles were also found in Mesopotamia in BC. The tiles were decorated with blue and white stripes, and later appeared in a variety of styles and colors. China is the center of ceramic art, and it produced a beautiful white urn as early as the Shang dynasty.

In the Middle Ages of Islam, all the decorative methods of tiles reached their peak in Persia. Subsequently, the use of ceramic tiles gradually became popular around the world.

In ancient times, it was handmade. Each tile is a unique piece of art.

Today, worldwide, automated production techniques are used, and human hands are simply used to operate equipment.

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