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He end of the profiteering era, ceramic enterprises tend to transform and diversify
- Oct 09, 2018 -

He end of the profiteering era

As the market economy slows down, the living environment of the traditional channels of the ceramic industry has become more difficult. Coupled with the invasion of e-commerce, traditional ceramic enterprises have to solve the problem of survival and development through transformation and diversification.

The manufacturer gives cost support for each promotion. Some successful agents have already summed up their experience, and want to revitalize an online store to help him promote. Increase the frequency and intensity of promotional activities, so that promotion has become a habit for everyone. When some channels run the market, engage in activities, and do not stop themselves, I believe he has adapted to the impact of the Internet. The wood look tile kitchen floor and the wood look ceramic tile bathroom are the explosions of the promotion.

With the increasingly fierce competition in the ceramic market, the operation of traditional channels has become more difficult. Only by facing the transformation of the big environment and promoting the diversified exploration and transformation of enterprises can the company achieve long-term development.

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