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Glass polished brick classification
- Oct 17, 2018 -

The first category: infiltration polished brick; the second category: micro-powder brick; the third category: multi-tube fabric; the fourth category: microcrystalline; the fifth category: anti-static polished brick.

Unlike the wood effect porcelain tiles, the vitrified brick is a reinforced polished brick that is fired at high temperatures. Vitrified bricks are made from quartz sand and mud in a certain ratio and then polished to a bright but not polished finish. Its surface is as smooth and translucent as a glass mirror, and it is the hardest of all tiles. Its water absorption, edge flatness, flexural strength, acid and alkali resistance are superior to ordinary glazed tiles, polished tiles and general marble. The birth and development of vitrified tiles, because there is a large-scale production market, this is in line with the vision of our consumers' pursuit and aesthetics. It not only has a luxurious atmosphere, gorgeous, large-scale visual effects, but also a representative of identity and image to a certain extent.

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