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Functionalization of rustic tiles
- Apr 09, 2018 -

Antique brick is a building ceramics, mainly used for interior and exterior decoration of buildings. With the increasing use of the range and the needs of the use groups, it is proposed for anti-skid, wear-resistant, anti-fouling self-cleaning, anti-bacterial, anti-static, light changing and other functions. Different requirements have led to a series of antique bricks with special functions.

For instance, through dry glazing, high temperature drying, and surface modification, we have developed antique tiles with excellent anti-slip performance and wear resistance. Self-cleaning glazes provide excellent anti-fouling and self-cleaning properties. Through the application of semiconductor glaze and pearlescent, Polarized glazes are derived from anti-static bricks and functional bricks with light-changing effects. In short, the trend and future of multifunctionalization of antique tiles are very broad.

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