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Focus on the production process of antique tiles
- Apr 09, 2018 -

The production process of antique bricks is not complicated, and its process flow is basically the same as the color glaze bricks and later crystal bricks. The technology is also evolved from the production technology of glazed tiles and crystal bricks. However, most of the glazed bricks and crystal bricks are ceramics, and the firing temperature is generally below 1200°C. The water absorption rate of the products is relatively high. Most of the antique bricks that people see today are porcelain, and are glazed porcelain bricks. The firing temperature is higher than 1200°C, and the product's water absorption rate is less than 0.5%. It is the perfect combination of artistic tiles and porcelain tiles.

The process flow of color glazed tiles and crystal tiles is as follows:

Blank: Ingredients → Ball Milling → Screening Iron Removal → Mud Pool Aging → Spray Granulation → Incoming Aging

Glaze: Ingredients → Ball Milling → Screening Iron Removal → Mud Pool Aging

Tiles: powder pressing molding → drying → glazing → multiple printing → kiln drying → firing → sorting → packaging storage

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