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Daily maintenance of microcrystalline stone Content Two
- Jun 21, 2018 -

B maintenance procedures:

1. Spray reducing agent evenly on the product surface;

2: rub the reducing agent with the land washer (5-10 minutes);

3: dry the reducing agent;

4: pour the cleaning powder onto the brick surface;

5. Press the powder with the floor washer for even friction, and then clean it twice with water added by the machine, then suck up the water;

6: after the water on the ground is completely dry, evenly coat with a layer of liquid anti-fouling wax, and then use the machine for polishing (note: clean and non-moisture mat for polishing);

7. It is recommended to use dry mop and "electrostatic dust absorbent" in daily maintenance.

8: maintenance time: about once a year in the home, once every quarter in the office, once every half month in the hotel and once every week in the shopping mall.

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