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Daily maintenance of microcrystalline stone Content One
- Jun 20, 2018 -

In order to maintain a strong brand of microcrystalline stone for a long time and often new, the brick surface for daily maintenance and protection is essential. The most ideal treatment effect is to do the maintenance of the crystal surface, use the microcrystalline wax and the crystal surface machine to grind the surface of the microcrystal, under the chemical and physical action, the surface of the glass layer forms the crystal hard layer. The glossiness after treatment increases obviously, often maintain can make the surface bright, noble, perfect as before. Before laying, the brick surface of the construction site should be protected to prevent the scratches caused by high hardness hard objects (such as steel equipment and sand and stone used in construction). Suggestions for surface maintenance treatment of microcrystalline stone products are as follows:

A spare material:

1. "wipe clean" (a kind of foam, is a kind of auxiliary cleaning brick surface material.)

2. Transparent stone wax (available in stone shops, one can of which can be used for about 200 square meters)

3. Steel wire cotton (available in stone shops)

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