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Comparison of glass polished tiles and wood bricks
- Oct 19, 2018 -

This brick is not as dirty as a wood floor ceramic tile, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. Mullite and other crystals are produced by high temperature sintering and complete ceramization. The crystals are stable in physical and chemical properties, resistant to corrosion and stains, and last as new.

Since granite is naturally formed, the time of forming and the degree of weathering are not the same, resulting in different density and strength. After two years of use, the granite gradually loses its luster, and the surface is rough and worn, which is difficult to clean and affects the appearance. The thickness is thin, the bending strength is high, the brick body is light, and the weight of the building is reduced. Natural granite is low in strength, bulky, and bulky, increasing the load on the building, causing a series of difficulties for transportation and paving, but without harmful elements.

Granite is a natural mineral that is buried in the deep crust for a long time and does not require high-temperature sintering. Therefore, it contains trace amounts of radioactive elements, which may be harmful to health if exposed for a long time.

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