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Ceramic tile performance term Content Two
- Jun 10, 2018 -

4. Wear resistance:

Wear resistance is to be used in a certain force, a certain amount of abrasive, a certain number of revolutions of the volume of ceramic tile powder grinding described, the more ceramic tile powder grinding down, the worse the wear resistance. The ceramic tile that wearability is good resists pressure, not easy wear and tear, experience is full of new, suit to be used in public place especially.

5. Surface flatness:

The horizontal degree that points to ceramic tile surface, have edge bend degree, central bend degree, warping degree to measure.

6. Strength:

The ceramic tile with good intensity is anti-crack sex is strong, national standard ceramic tile lowest compressive strength is 27Mpa, stand on the area of the size of a foot quite with 400 80KG person, ceramic tile intensity is higher, fight heavy pressure is better.

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