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Ceramic tile performance term Content Three
- Jun 11, 2018 -

7. Radioactivity:

When certain special elements undergo proton splitting during electron transition, they produce radiation that is harmful to the human body. Archaize brick basically does not have the radiation problem that is harmful to human body, accordingly also need not what 3C authentication (3C authentication is aimed at polishing brick).

8. Antifouling:

The ceramic surface is stained with dirt, and the easier it is to wash off, the better the anti-fouling performance. The measure of antifouling property is to use the contaminant that produces mark easily to besmear on the surface of brick, with different kind of cleaner will clean after certain time. Such as bleaching powder, washing powder, acetone, hydrochloric acid solution, potassium hydroxide solution and other commonly used cleaning agents.

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