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Ceramic tile performance term Content One
- Jun 09, 2018 -

1. Water absorption rate:

Under certain conditions, ceramic tile can inhale moisture and brick weight ratio is water absorption rate. Bibulous rate is a measure of performance of ceramic tile is the most important indicators, it reflects the internal degree of vitrified tile, bibulous rate is lower, the better, the degree of vitrified products is not easy to pollution, more durable.

2. Mohs hardness:

Represents the ability of a product to resist external mechanical action. Mohs hardness with a total of ten levels, respectively, talc grade 1 class 2, calcite, fluorite, gypsum grade 4, apatite, level 5, feldspar, quartz level 7 level 6, topaz magnitude 8, corundum, diamond level 10 9 level.

3. Frost resistance:

Also known as resistance to thermal shock resistance, it is a measure of ceramic tile products in the climate of the temperature change is big environment can be a sign of normal use, the indicators in the northern climate of the larger temperature difference between day and night is worth particular attention.

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